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"Picturecrossing Pictures" are all instant photographs that I have left at random locations around the world. They were shot with one of my instant cameras, making each of them a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, individually signed, numbered, and marked on the front with "picturecrossing.com"

If you have come across one of these pictures you can find it here:

While out shooting some of my first Polaroids in early 2008, I accidentally dropped one of my pictures on the ground. It looked so intriguing to me,  sitting there, next to the scene it depicted, awaiting any passer-by. That really sparked my obsession with leaving my little pictures out in public for people to enjoy (or destroy.) Since then I have left more than 400 original, instant photographs and continue to do so in my travels...

These "Picturecrossing Pictures" are never sold or given directly to anyone by me. The only way to acquire one is to find it where I've left it, which makes them quite rare indeed. I suspect that most of them are casually ignored by passers-by until they are blown away, or thrown away ending up in a rubbish heap.
Sometimes I leave them near where they were taken. Somtimes times they are left far away or "crossed" with other pictures.
If you have found one of my "Picturecrossing" pictures, please eMail me to find out more about it and tell me the story about how and where you found it.
Then you may keep the photograph, or leave it somewhere else for another person to find, thereby sending each little captured frame on its own journey, giving infinite life to that one moment in space & time.

I use so many different cameras I can hardly keep track of them but here are a few of my favorites:

Polaroid Land Camera Automatic 100 - (LC) (1963-66)

Polaroid Sun 660 (1981-86) - (S6)

Polaroid Freitag Edition SX-70 (2007) (FSX)

"Post" Polaroid SX-70 Model 2

customized by me (1974-77) - (SX) 

Polaroid Colorpack II (CP)

Polaroid Electric Zip (EZ)

Polaroid Spectra Onyx (OX)

Fuji Instax 500 AF (FX)

you can play or expand this slideshow showing many of my instant cameras
and other film cameras:


I do have a crazy stash of expired Polaroid film but I've also started using of the wonderful Fuji Instant Films.

Additionally I'm so thankful that
The Impossible Project has succeeded in their mission to reinvent instant, intergral film and I look forward to experimenting with their products for years to come.
HR No.7  "Holgaroid Self Portrait"

I am Lance Aram Rothstein, an American artist from Florida presently living in the Village of Mons in Belgium.

My artwork is about identity, relationship, and perfection. I use a variety of different media to investigate these concepts and how they are purveyed and perceived.

While my "choice of weapons" is most often a camera, I also use paint, markers,  collage and digital kung-fu to acheive my atypical results which are commonly categorized as "abstract." More precisely, they are highly influenced by the philosophies of the deStijl, Dada, and Bauhaus artists of the early 20th Century.

Still, sometimes I also just like to take snapshots.

The Polaroid pictures you will see on this website,  are not digitally doctored in any way as I consider them to be documentary.

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all images Lance Aram Rothstein - not to be used without permission